What is INAPH?

Dairying is an important sector in our country. We are the highest milk producer in the world, but productivities of our animals are low. To be competitive, we will have to increase productivity and efficiency of resource use. Besides building an infrastructure for making available quality semen, cattle feed, fodder seeds, vaccines etc. to farmers for improving the productivity and health of their animals, the modern tools of information technology and telecommunications will have to be welded with these services to provide reliable, easy-to-access and timely information to farmers, service providing organizations and policy makers for informed decision making at all levels.

Improving productivity of animals requires building of infrastructure for producing quality bulls through genetic improvement programmes, producing semen from high quality bulls and making it available to farmers at their door-step so that their animals are bred with high quality semen, building of infrastructure for producing cattle feed, feed supplements, fodder seed etc. so that it provides balanced nutrition to their animals, and building of infrastructure for creating facilities for veterinary treatment, disease diagnosis, vaccination, de-worming etc. so that it protects their animal against prevalent diseases.