Here We Provide following Services:

Animal Breeding :

INAPH application is being used in various projects implemented by NDDB in partnership with milk unions and AI service providers as well as agencies implementing ration balancing programmes.

Ration Balancing Programme :

Ration Balancing Programme (RBP) can be implemented with the help of dairy cooperatives, producer companies, service providing organizations (NGOs) etc. Efforts to popularise the concept of RBP on a large scale are continued.

Animal Health :

The Animal Health sub-module of INAPH is designed to capture the entire gamut of activities related to health that is usually carried out on the animal. The data capturing is broadly based on: (a)Individual activity- wherein entering the unique identification number (tag no.) of each animal is mandatory and, (b) Mass activity- wherein it would suffice to record the village, species and number of animals etc, without the need to individually identify each animal.

Laboratories :

Laboratories are vital component of this domain. While providing the services to the farmer, samples of feed, fodder, milk, pathology etc are collected for different types of examinations and analysis required. A unique sample ID is generated by the application, whenever any sample is collected in the field and transaction is recorded in the system. Later on this sample ID is used for further processing in the application.