INAPH provides following Features:

Platform: INAPH application is developed on different platform like Desktop Application, Android Application and Web Based Application.

Application Mode: INAPH application is mainly working in two different modes. First is online mode in which end user can directly communicates with central server database, applications like Desktop Online and Web Based are an example of online mode. Second is offline mode in which end users will performs entries at their end without directly communicating to central server and later on synchronize the entries with central server whenever comes in connectivity, applications like Desktop Offline and Android based are an examples of offline mode.

Sync Middleware: Sync Middleware is used to synchronize the offline data to and from the end user database for the transactions performed in offline mode.

Reporting: Role and Hierarchy based Reporting covering one or more functional area. Provide decision support as well as an operational support based on the requirements. Provide alerts to take action in Real Time.

System Architecture & Deployment: The system is designed to meet the various information needs of farmers, field technicians, End Implementation Agencies (EIAs) such as Milk Unions/Federations, Producer Companies, analysts and policy makers. The application can be operated through computers/netbooks as well as hand-held devices (Windows phone & Android tablets) with internet connectivity. Data collected in the field is stored in the central database at NDDB, Anand. In the absence of network connection (offline mode), there is a provision for data to be captured and stored for later synchronisation with the central server through the GPRS network. INAPH is equipped to send messages to farmers, providing appropriate advice regarding their animals, when required. Web based reports are available to the managerial team and other decision makers for analysis.